Conferences, Large Group Meetings & Presentations

Get Real brings virtual meetings, conferences and presentations to life with hundreds or even thousands of people gathering together at the same time. Virtual Reality platforms can now be customized to have the same energy and productivity as traditional in-person events - allowing presenters and audience members to network efficiently and effectively.  Universities, associations, organizations and businesses are all using VR to host lectures, presentations, conferences, and panel discussions that allow for video, break out rooms, and presentation tools similar to their real-world events.  These events can be set up quickly and for a fraction of the cost of their in-person counterparts.

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Virtual Conferences

Is your association, company, or institution tired of not being able to meet in person, share ideas, educate, or network with colleagues? Are you looking for a way to adapt to new realities and pivot your annual conference to a virtual experience, but don’t know where to start? It can be mind boggling to try to assess all the different VR/AR platforms available for virtual events. Get Real has already done this and is continually evaluating what solutions are the most capable and the most reliable. We use these platforms extensively ourselves and work with you to ensure your sponsors, presenters, and attendees have the best conference possible.

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Large Group Presentations

Do you need to present frequently in front of large groups, teach classes, give lectures, or host panels with an audience? Virtual Reality offers compelling advantages over traditional presentations and venues for giving large group presentations: cost savings, unlimited space, break-out rooms and a more effective learning experience, all in a venue that is substantially more engaging and less distracting than video conference platforms can provide.
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While early efforts in VR focused on gaming, in recent years business and enterprise have begun to compete for center stage. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting decrease in business travel have intensified the felt need for people to connect with their colleagues and their clients. While the immediate reaction was to turn to Zoom and other video-conferencing technologies to help address that need, many are finding it exhausting, distracting, and ultimately nowhere near as productive as meeting in person.
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