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The VR/AR industry has reached an inflection point in its growth and is poised to become a dominant technology for enterprise in the coming years. At these times of rapid growth and change, good information is critical for setting the right course for your business. Get Real works with “best-in-class” products and providers across a multitude of industries to stay current on industry trends and analysis. Advances in one industry’s use of VR/AR technology are likely to foreshadow the next advances in others. We have developed proprietary systems and tools to track and analyze information, in order to spot trends in the industry before they are accepted by the public marketplace. Get Real works with companies, consumers, and investors in all areas of VR/AR technology, and our Partner Alliance is designed to add strategic and commercial value to anyone who wants to benefit from the exchange of ideas and opportunities it promotes.
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Extend Your Sales Team

Are you the leader of an up and coming VR/AR start-up? Do you have a VR product that is poised to stand out amongst its peers? Do you feel the need to grow revenues now - to create the runway from which your company will take flight? Could your strategic plan be accelerated by connecting with prospective customers across a variety of industries? Get Real can help. Consider us a single connecting point into multiple industries for your products. We have been in the CEO and COO chairs ourselves and have considered the questions of whether, and how, to deploy emerging technology in order to address complex business problems. We are constantly meeting with a variety of institutions, companies, and universities about the potential of VR/AR for their teams. If you have a new and exciting VR/AR product, platform, or service offering, we can help extend your reach to the organizations that will drive your next stages of growth.
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Insight & Advisory

Are you an advisor to a specific industry, but struggle with staying current with the rapid rate of change in Augmented and Virtual Reality? Get Real uses our knowledge-based acquisition systems which benefit from both machine learning and natural language processing, to educate and inform you on what is vital. Track any use case for VR/AR in a selected industry. Monitor trends and products for any company that you are interested in making an investment in. Get Real can inform and advise your team before critical contracts are signed or investments are made. Get Real can educate you and your colleagues and help you stay current in the industry over the long term, keeping you ahead of the trends and developments in VR/AR that will drive your business forward.
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Content Distribution

If you are a VR/AR content creator of extraordinary training materials and wish that more organizations could benefit from access to your work, Get Real can help. We have established relationships with a network of preferred distributors who can enable the very best content to have as great an impact in the marketplace as possible and help distribute it worldwide. Whether you initially created that VR/AR content to support your own employees’ efforts, or whether you created it with third party use in mind from the start, this can be an impacting way to increase your revenues and your influence with minimal additional effort.
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While early efforts in VR focused on gaming, in recent years business and enterprise have begun to compete for center stage. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting decrease in business travel have intensified the felt need for people to connect with their colleagues and their clients. While the immediate reaction was to turn to Zoom and other video-conferencing technologies to help address that need, many are finding it exhausting, distracting, and ultimately nowhere near as productive as meeting in person.
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