Planting the SEED for your Company’s Innovation

From 2008 to 2010, Blackberry was at the top of the smartphone world. They had created a piece of technology that was more innovative than anything else in the market and through their revolutionization of communication, Blackberry would inevitably experience wide scale adoption. The industry has progressed since Blackberry’s reign, but imagine the benefits your business or organization would have had as an early adopter of the smartphone. Now a new era of revolutionary technology has been introduced in the form of virtual reality and companies are eager to get a competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, the integration of technology can be daunting. You may be asking… Will the commitment to virtual reality be an efficient use of time and money? How might virtual reality benefit our day to day lives? Will the utilization of virtual reality be an effective alternative? Etc. 

While these are all great questions, their answers vary based on use case scenarios. Therefore, Get Real has launched their SEED (Spatial Computing, Experiences, Expertise Development). Packages, to help simplify the adoption process and give companies the competitive edge that they deserve. 

Get Real offers three main SEED packages (Starter, Silver, and Gold) that are tailored specifically for the size and needs of various organizations. The packages vary based on cost, completion time, participants, number of VR/AR experiences, and strategic consulting. 

As the base package, SEED Starter is ideal for startups, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and schools. The package is $2,500 and is typically completed within one week. This package will provide 1-4 participants with an in depth introduction to VR/AR. This includes a hardware and operability overview, software introduction, and sideloading description. Furthermore, the participants will be able to choose one VR/AR experience from Get Real’s list of collaboration tools, meetings and events, data visualization, job skills, or empathy training. Lastly, the package offers strategic consulting with an industry trend analysis. 

The SEED Silver package is Get Reals most popular package at $5,000. The package is designed for training managers, agencies, and creative teams and is typically completed within three weeks. This pack is designed for 5-8 participants and will include a VR/AR overview that is similar to the SEED Starter pack. Those participants will also be able to choose 3 different experiences from Get Real’s list of VR/AR capabilities. In addition to the industry trend analysis in Get Real’s strategic consulting, this package includes a competitor analysis and 3 additional consulting hours. 

The final SEED Gold package is $10,000 and is ideal for C-level executives, innovation leaders, talent development leaders, and dispersed teams. This package will accommodate 9-15 participants and will typically be completed within six weeks. The VR/AR intro will be identical to the previous packages however this group of individuals will get to choose 5 different experiences from Get Real’s list. The strategic consulting aspect of the package will also include project ideation, a one project pre-planning session, and an additional 5 consulting hours. 

For more specific experiences, Get Real also provides a Custom Package that has a more malleable offering. This might be ideal for VR companies, and enterprises looking for VR education and orientation. Designed to accommodate large groups, this package includes a tailored VR/AR overview, your choice of VR/AR experiences, and Strategic Consulting for your specific needs. 

Virtual reality is changing the world. Don’t wait until wide-scale adoption. Be an early adopter and let Get Real plant the SEED to your organization’s innovation. 

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