The Virtual Water Cooler: Your Transformation to a Virtual Office

While early efforts in VR focused on gaming, in recent years business and enterprise have begun to compete for center stage. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting decrease in business travel have intensified the felt need for people to connect with their colleagues and their clients. While the immediate reaction was to turn to Zoom and other video-conferencing technologies to help address that need, many are finding it exhausting, distracting, and ultimately nowhere near as productive as meeting in person.

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We understand VR/AR hardware and how your investment can scale across your business into other value creating use cases. Through our partner network we understand both the off-the-shelf and customized software solutions available for you, as well as the strength, stability, and innovation of the companies behind them. Our founders’ historic experience as CEO and COO allows us to guide you through the decision making process necessary to invest in new technology.
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