Are you ready to get real about VR & AR for work?

Get Real is leading forward-thinking companies, institutions, and organizations in the adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality today. Just as the internet transformed business 25 years ago, VR/AR are poised to radically change how we train, collaborate, market, visualize data, gather, raise money, and tell one another the stories of our companies and of our causes.

Get Real combines the power of our team’s collective experience with the strength and breadth of our best-in-class Get Real Partner Alliance to bring expert insight and strategic vision for the introduction, or extension, of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality within your organization.

With experience in data visualization, virtual offices, custom training, and more, Get Real is here to help you embrace innovation. Are you ready?


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Imagine Your New Experience

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have arrived and are here to stay. Billions of dollars from the world's leading technology companies are being invested to integrate VR/AR into our lives in the same way that mobile devices and the internet have so completely changed our world.

Waiting for mass adoption means that your organization is destined to fall behind. Get Real is guiding innovative and forward-thinking leaders in planning their organizations’ VR/AR strategy today.

Get Real is ready to change the way you gather, the way you work, the way you meet, the way you collaborate with colleagues, the way you raise capital, the way you train, the way you educate, and the way you tell the story of your company and your causes.



Introducing new technology into an organization can be overwhelming. Decisions on platforms, hardware, software, and implementation - all while managing normal day-to-day challenges can cause paralysis and sow the seeds of resistance to change and improvement. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Get Real will help you get started by choosing the optimal hardware. Perhaps you already have the perfect pilot project in mind. If not, we can help you explore the possibilities. We’ll help manage new user orientations, interview key stakeholders, and identify other key areas to ensure success.

Ultimately, we will put together a long-term strategy for reaping the benefits of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality throughout your organization. For example, your HR team may be interested in ways to meet and screen candidates effectively in VR . That initiative could quickly evolve into a comprehensive onboarding program in VR across all your regional offices.