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Spatial Computing Solutions

We specialize in Spatial Computing, leveraging cutting-edge innovations to transform how businesses train, collaborate, visualize data, and engage with their audiences. Our expertise unlocks new dimensions of possibilities within immersive experiences.

Knowledge-Based AI Solutions

We recognize the overwhelming problem that there's simply too much to learn and too much to read. Long before the world became aware of ChatGPT, we were working on our own knowledge-based AI solutions, and are just now reaching the beta-testing stage in order to share these capabilities with others. Powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, we are dedicated to getting accurate information about the subjects you care about to you as reliably and expeditiously as possible. 

Knowledge-Based AI Solutions

Get Real has a team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and strategic consultants with extensive experience in the field of AI, machine learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing to help your organization be better informed, generate accurate and timely research, drive innovation and work more efficiently.

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Apple Vision Pro

Comprehensive consulting services to businesses for seamless integration of, and optimization of, Apple Vision Pro.

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Immersive Experiences

Get Real ensures your immersive experiences are creatively planned, professionally organized, and precisely executed to benefit from the latest advances in technology. 

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Custom Space Design

Our expert team of developers specialize in crafting immersive and visually stunning environments tailored to your unique brand and vision.

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Immersive training is more economical and yields higher knowledge retention, confidence, and engagement.

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Virtual Office

Spatial Computing | Experiences | Expertise Development

Does your organization have an interest in the Metaverse, but is unsure of how best to begin? Start your immersive journey with a SEED package.

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Data Visualization

Experience Your Data

Collaborate around data to make better data-driven decisions, persuade an audience and engage with others through XR data visualizations.

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"We turned to the Get Real team to help, guide, support and execute our first VR sales event hosted within the Spatial Metaverse platform. A key priority was the onboarding process of our novice guests, Get Real helped make their transition from the real world to this new VR space seamless and frictionless as possible. The team did such a great job they are now our go to partner when we host our VR sales events. I have no hesitation in recommending them to host yours."

Gavin Honour, CTO
Morpheus Consulting Solutions, Ltd.


"During the Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Games, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation turned to Get Real to create an immersive and white-glove virtual experience for top philanthropic supporters. Team USA athletes, USOPF staff, donors, board members, and trustees gathered virtually to celebrate the Games at a ski resort, ice arena, museum, high-rise with impeccable views, and more. We enjoyed our partnership with the Get Real team who provided world-class creative design, training, onboarding, program planning and support. It would be a pleasure to work with them again on future projects!"

Sean Shapiro, Director - Major Gifts
United States Olympic and Paralympic Foundation

"Feedfeed engaged with Get Real to pitch Metaverse experiences to potential brand partners, executing a presentation to an in-person audience from the Metaverse, incorporating a live Q&A within the Metaverse, a remote livestream into the Metaverse, and pre-recorded video displayed in the Metaverse, all broadcast into a conference room of live attendees. We are looking forward to opportunities to execute immersive Feedfeed live events and evergreen experiences in the Metaverse with Get Real XR."
Dan Resnick, Co-founder, Head of Product
The Feedfeed and The FeedChain
"Get Real XR was pivotal in the successful execution of our Metaverse event. We engaged them on a tight timeline and they worked closely with us to bring our vision in the Metaverse to reality. They were incredibly responsive to our questions and concerns and, in a few instances where pivots were necessary, presented us with a series of well thought-out options. We also felt that they took to heart what we shared with them about our market and audience and really tailored their suggestions to that. I would highly recommend working with Get Real XR on your Metaverse project or event."
Kelsey Riley, Sr. Account Executive, Cornett
"Get Real was a valuable partner in the success of our 'SDG Road in Metaverse' event, which focused on Sustainable Development Goals. Despite a tight schedule, they worked closely with us to ensure our event unfolded smoothly. The event featured 30 startups accessible directly to visitors, alongside a panel discussion and one-on-one meetings with venture capitalists. The feedback from all participants and guests was exceptionally positive. We can highly recommend partnering with Get Real XR for Metaverse projects. They were a supportive and valuable ally that went above and beyond to make our event a success."
Tanja Skoric, Co-founder, 1MillionStartups
"Working with Get Real XR to bring "Homecoming 2023 Reach for the Stars" to life was a game-changer for us at UMGC. Their expertise was instrumental in turning our immersive concept into a memorable global experience. Their ability to collaborate seamlessly, provide expertise, address our needs promptly, and adapt to unforeseen changes was truly commendable. The tailored solutions they provided reflected a deep understanding of our alumni and the larger UMGC community. For anyone seeking to elevate their events with immersive technology, I can't recommend Get Real XR enough."
Nikki Sandoval, Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations & Career Services at University of Maryland Global Campus


Waiting for mass adoption means that your organization is destined to fall behind. Get Real is guiding innovative and forward-thinking leaders in planning their organizations’ Metaverse strategy today.

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