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Today we are in the beginning stages of a new technical revolution. Just as the internet transformed business in the last 25 years, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) are poised to change how we train, collaborate, market, visualize data, gather, raise money, and tell one another the stories of our companies and of our causes.

VR/AR, sometimes referred to as “spatial computing,” provides unlimited amounts of space for your company to grow.  It gives you the ability to practically eliminate the distance between clients and colleagues.  It lets you gather in the same room and at the same time with customers and colleagues from around the world without so much as getting on a plane, driving your car, or walking down the hall.

Get Real is leading companies and not for profit organizations in the adoption of VR/AR technology across all industries and changing the way they do their work today.

Get Real

Imagine Success

Get Real helps organizations imagine what Virtual and Augmented Reality make possible. We help you train and educate your teams in ways that dramatically increase skill retention and engagement, while decreasing costs. We create the ways to have your investors see the vision of your project, thereby introducing capital to bring your vision to the world.

Get Real enables your organization to communicate and collaborate in ways that are not limited by space or distance. We help you host and gather people together from around the world to network, share ideas and foster deeper connections within your organization.

Get Real is ready to change the way you work: how you train, how you collaborate, how you market, how you visualize data, how you gather, and how you raise money.

Get Real


Get Real helps you maximize the value of your VR/AR investment across your entire business. Our work may begin by working with you to choose optimal hardware and software to meet the goal of upskilling or reskilling your team.

It may then extend to building customized content for diversity/sensitivity training for your management team. Once these programs are established, your HR team may be interested in ways to meet and screen candidates effectively from around the world using VR/AR solutions. That could quickly evolve into a comprehensive onboarding program in VR across all of your regional offices.

Soon, your executive team may be forecasting its real estate needs and be interested in using VR to create virtual office spaces to replace a portion of its physical space. Get Real is your trusted partner, working with you at every step of your VR/AR evolution, with the strategic, evaluative and implementation skills to ensure smooth transitions and continuous success.
Get Real Insight

Re-Imagine Innovation

Introducing new technology into an organization can be overwhelming to its leaders. Decisions on platforms, hardware, software and implementation - all while managing the day to day challenges can cause paralysis and sow the seeds of resistance to change and continuous improvement. Get Real sees an opportunity to bridge the gap for its clients between technology futurists and the myriad of VR/AR software providers.

We think it is the ideal position from which to connect to businesses.

We understand VR/AR hardware and how your investment can scale across your business into other value-creating use cases. Through our partner alliance we understand both the off-the-shelf and customized software solutions available for you, as well as the strength, stability, and innovation of the companies behind them. Our founders’ historic experience as CEO and COO allows us to guide you through the decision making process necessary to invest in new technology.

Once you start on your VR/AR journey, Get Real will constantly monitor the VR/AR landscape - staying ahead of how trends in one industry’s use of VR/AR technology is influencing other industries.  We have developed AI-driven proprietary systems to analyze in real-time the companies, people, and products in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We are an ongoing, invaluable source of information and will guide you on your strategic planning for your VR/AR investment.

Get Real Insight

Trusted By

Get Real is seeking the best-in-class VR/AR solutions for a broad array of industries. We are in touch with the front-line clients shaping the use cases for VR/AR technology every day. Our insight and experience can extend your reach into a specific industry or geography that until now has remained inaccessible. Get Real can help you present your product to specific clients in a way that optimizes on the innovation and investments you have made.

Our team has decades of experience experience in spotting trends in the use of technology to create enduring competitive edge and address practical business challenges. We are experienced executives, designers, implementers, and users who have made ROI-based decisions on building new technology platforms within organizations. We have managed the teams charged with delivering and innovating on proprietary systems in highly competitive industries. 

Working with Get Real allows you to focus on product innovation while taking advantage of our reach into specific industries for the feedback and revenue opportunities that will launch your business to scalable success.

Imagine Your New Experience

VR/AR Technology has arrived and is here to stay.  Billions of dollars from the world's leading technology companies are being invested to infuse VR/AR into our lives in the same way that mobile devices and the internet have so completely changed our world. 

Waiting for mass adoption means that your organization is destined to fall behind. Get Real is guiding innovative and forward-thinking leaders in planning their organizations’ VR/AR strategy today. 

Get Real is ready to change the way you gather, the way you work, the way you meet, the way you collaborate with colleagues, the way you raise capital, the way you train, the way you educate, and the way you tell the story of your company and your causes. 

Get Real