2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here and Get Real knows exactly what’s on your list: an Oculus Quest 2! While there are many hot games, the following are some of this year’s hottest. Here’s a list of our favorite games to make sure you and your family have a blast this holiday season. 

Beat Saber – $29.99 USD

What do you get when you put Guitar Hero, Just Dance, and Fruit Ninja in a bowl and mix it up? You get Beat Saber, a game where you match the color of your saber to cut the corresponding colored box on a musical beat. 

It’s not as simple as matching colors. The game increases in speed and presents hazards such as bombs and walls that you have to avoid. 

Beat Saber provides a library of music to compete with, and specific music packs can be purchased as well. Beat Saber will have your whole family jumping, dancing, sweating, and eager to join the fun.  

Superhot – $24.99 USD

Already popular on Playstation, Xbox, and Steam, the highly rated first-person shooter Superhot is now available in virtual reality. Alone and outnumbered, you must strategically fight your way through action packed levels of enemy targets. However, keep in mind that as you move, time moves too. 

Superhot is unlike any other game on the market and through your Oculus Quest headset you will be able to fully immerse yourself in one of the best virtual reality experiences available. 

Golf+ – $19.99 USD

Golf+, previously Topgolf with Pro Putt, is the ultimate Virtual Reality golf experience. In Golf+, you can play real world courses, enjoy an evening of fun at Topgolf, and enjoy epic putting courses with Pro Putt. Full features are only available on the Quest 2 headset. However, there are exciting features available when using the Quest 1. 

When playing on a Quest 1, users can play their favorite Topgolf games, visit beautiful putting courses, participate in competitions that match their skill level, and have achievements and leaderboards. 

In addition to the features available on a Quest 1, Quest 2 users have access to a modern clubhouse, range and practice area, an ocean side 18 hole course called Cliffs, Wolf Creek and Callaway golf clubs.

Regardless of device, Golf+ is a golf lover’s virtual reality paradise! 

Resident Evil 4 – $39.99 USD

As an addition to the incredibly popular Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 4 was made specifically with the virtual reality user in mind. Through this action packed horror game you will step into the shoes of special agent Leon S. Kennedy in a daunting life or death mission to save the U.S. President’s daughter from a cult. To make matters worse, you will have to defend yourself from a plethora of creatures that have been infected by the Las Plagas parasite. 

Incorporating cutting edge immersive environments, VR interactions, and high resolution gameplay, Resident Evil 4 is one of the most highly sought after games in the Oculus store today. 

Guided Meditation VR – $14.99 USD

Although it’s not a game, Guided Meditation VR deserves an honorable mention. Voted as Meta Quest’s App of the Year, this app makes meditation simple and visual. Guided Meditation VR brings peace, joy, and calm back into your life.  With 40+ environments, 30+ hours of guided meditations, and 200+ relaxing audio tracks, users leave the worries of life behind and return calmer and stronger. This app encourages users to learn ancient meditation practices in a cutting-edge way. 

Virtual reality is the next big thing in gaming, however, it can also dramatically improve the way people do their work. VR can improve how businesses train, how they collaborate, how they market, how they visualize data, how they gather, and so much more. 

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