Get Real Named Certified Flow Designers

I am excited to announce that Get Real has earned the distinction of being the first Certified Flow Designer from Flow Immersive, one of our Partner Alliance companies.  Rob and I are proud of the Get Real team for the many hours they put in to master the use of Flow, and we are also grateful to Jason Marsh, Michael DiBenigno, Bill Morton and the rest of the Flow Immersive team for helping shepherd us through the process.

Make no mistake: this is an extremely important milestone for our firm.  Our background in capital markets left a lasting impression on us years ago as to the importance of communicating around data.  We looked at several tools, but never really found anything which could rid ourselves of the electronic spreadsheets we were replicating on our screens. Away from the trading desk, there were countless vendor and investor presentations in conference rooms where we were subjected to bland, mundane slide decks that all too often were so thick that they landed on the table with a thud.  At conferences, the story was essentially the same: complex, nuanced, talks around market data and equity analysis were boiled down into a stew of “3 main bullet points” that stripped away any deeper meaning from the data. I don’t blame the people charged with making these presentations on data – it wasn’t their fault that the world lacked the necessary tools to properly engage an audience with data.

Business today is all about data-driven decision making.  Companies employ armies of data scientists and analysts to mine thoughtful insights from data that supports every element of their business.  But when it comes time to present that data to a board for approval, or an investment committee, or a client, or a student – we go back to the same methods we have been using for years – with very little success!

What Jason and Michael are trying to do with Flow Immersive is fundamentally change the way we interact with data by leveraging 3D visualization.  It makes presenting data a collaborative, shared experience that shatters the concept of standing up in front of a group with PowerPoint slides.  Moreover, there is minimal to no friction to get involved in a Flow presentation – they can quickly be accessed via mobile phone, desktop, tablets, zoom backgrounds.  Flow presentations are also stunning to view in more immersive technologies like VR headsets and AR glasses.  If you think that technology is far from adoption – make special note of how many mobile AR activations you see promoting products and events this summer – you will realize that the technology is actually ready now.  Flow needs to be seen to be understood, and you can go <here>, <here> and <here> to start to learn more

What does all of this mean for Get Real?

  • First, becoming the first Certified Flow Designer fills the gap that we felt during our time at Spot Trading. There finally is a tool that can accomplish what we saw the need for years ago.
  • Second it gives us an opportunity to work closely with people like Jason, Michael, and Bill who are at the leading edge of data storytelling and whose passion and ability will change how the world makes use of the seemingly infinite amount of data it is now collecting.
  • Third, we couldn’t think more highly of their vision for the future, and how it aligns with Get Real’s mission to have businesses leverage immersive technologies to greatly improve the way they work, how they meet, and how they persuade.
  • Fourth and most importantly is the benefit that will accrue to Get Real’s clients.  We now have the knowledge and expertise to combine our experience in data with our deep commitment to help clients actually improve the effectiveness of their most vital conversations so that they can make the difference they aspire to make.

Want to learn more about how Get Real can bring the power of 3D data visualization to your company?  Visit us at  or reach out to me directly at