Emeritus’s Metaverse Leap: Evolving Corporate Learning Experiences with Get Real




Emeritus, a global leader in online education, empowers individuals worldwide through its cutting-edge short courses, degree programs, and professional certificates. With a commitment to curriculum innovation and hands-on learning, Emeritus has transformed the lives of over 250,000 learners in 80 countries. However, the challenge of keeping learners engaged in a rapidly evolving digital landscape led Emeritus to explore more immersive teaching methods.


Despite its success, Emeritus faced engagement challenges inherent in traditional e-learning methods. The digital divide and the lack of interactive, experiential learning opportunities limited its ability to fully captivate and educate its diverse global audience. These hurdles affected retention rates and impeded the potential for truly transformative educational and developmental experiences.


Get Real, prides itself as being a leader in customized immersive experiences.  We collaborated closely with Emeritus to create a branded, multi-space Metaverse environment tailored to its unique educational needs. This environment featured six intricately designed pods, each dedicated to a specific emerging technology trend. From topics ranging from AI to green energy, these pods offered immersive, interactive experiences that brought complex concepts to life.  It also provided a means for individual and group learning activities to be conducted.

The development process involved detailed planning, where Get Real’s team worked hand-in-hand with Emeritus’s educators to ensure the content was engaging and factually sound. Get Real’s expertise in 3D modeling and optimizing user experiences were leaned upon heavily to create an environment that was not just educational but also captivating in a group setting capable of hosting 30 simultaneous learners.


The partnership between Emeritus and Get Real XR has helped to redefine what is possible for delivering online education. By harnessing the power of immersive technology, Emeritus has not only overcome its engagement challenges but also set a new standard in digital learning.

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