Explore a new dimension of learning with Emeritus and Get Real!

Emeritus is a worldwide leader in offering short courses, degree programs, professional certificates, and senior executive programs helping individuals learn new skills and transform their lives. Its unique model of state-of-the-art technology, curriculum innovation, and hands-on instruction from senior faculty, mentors and coaches has educated more than 250,000 individuals across 80 countries. 

As leaders in the industry, Emeritus is continually looking for new and innovative ways to deliver its world class content to clients. Emeritus turned to Get Real, to provide a branded, customized, multi-space Metaverse environment. 

The environment, consisting of six segmented pods, serves as an immersive way to deliver training on emerging trends in technology. Each customized pod focuses on a specific trend, complete with assets, media, and other relevant information for clients to engage with and learn from. Clients will tour each technology trend pod, interact with the content, and then come together for a constructive conversation on what was just learned.

At Get Real, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients’ needs and deliver solutions that are precisely tailored to meet those needs. This groundbreaking partnership between Emeritus and Get Real is a testament to our expertise in creating customized Metaverse environments that provide clients with an unparalleled immersive learning experience. 

The future of education and training is here. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your life and career in a fully immersive, customized, and cutting-edge Metaverse environment.

​​If you’re an organization, business, or brand that is interested in leveraging the power of the Metaverse to showcase your work, Get Real is uniquely qualified to be your partner to create, plan and execute your Metaverse strategy. We combine our Metaverse product and platform knowledge with an unmatched track record of managing numerous world-class client experiences, just like Emeritus. Click here to schedule your free consultation with the Get Real team to get started using the Metaverse to create compelling and memorable experiences for your clients and colleagues!