Leveraging Virtual Reality for corporate training and development is dramatically more impactful and cost effective than traditional education methods. Get Real partners with best in class providers of VR training content and delivers it to you in a program that fits seamlessly with your Learning & Development strategy. With our support, you can:

  • Retrain your team quickly and efficiently
  • Improve employee engagement and retention
  • Educate your team on the latest in workplace safety

Training via VR allows the software to track eye movements, time spent looking at specific objects, even speech patterns - allowing for a more complete evaluation and data-driven decision making. Join some of the most innovative companies in the world by moving your training efforts to a Virtual Reality platform and take advantage of the scalability and ROI gains that VR training has to offer.

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Hard Skills Training

Are you an organization that needs its workforce to complete highly specialized skills training? Is your team performing dangerous procedures that are costly and difficult to replicate? Do your employees require practicing a skill hundreds of times before mastering? Get Real works with the leading platforms for delivering VR training content. We will identify the right hardware and software for your training needs, as well as the optimal way of distributing content to your entire workforce. Retention rates skyrocket when we “learn by doing” in VR. Training scales efficiently across remote teams when delivered in VR, and gives managers the objective, critical data that they need to evaluate employees.

Soft Skills Training

Are you with a business that prioritizes sensitivity training, diversity training, or other soft-skills instruction as part of employee training and development? These skills and awareness have never been more important to a company’s culture and success than they are in today’s interconnected world. Get Real will identify the optimal VR/AR training approach to manage a variety of soft skill needs. Enhance public speaking to get your company’s message out. Teach respect for cultural differences to strengthen your teams and improve productivity. Give your frontline workers the empathy and awareness they need to interact with your customers on a daily basis. Soft skill training in VR is a booming industry, and Get Real works with the leading innovators in VR to deliver the right solution for your needs.

Customized Training

Do you operate in a highly specialized industry? Does the key to your success ride on your ability to train employees on proprietary techniques and machines? Do you struggle with relying on internal resources to do all of your training, taking away from vital business activities? When a VR training product doesn’t already exist for your business, yet you still want to reap the overwhelming employee engagement, retention, and ROI benefits of VR training - Get Real will work with creators of customized VR content to tailor specific training solutions for your team. This approach creates the ability to collect the data that is necessary for you to evaluate your workforce. We will distribute customized training content across a variety of 2-dimensional and VR headset platforms, so no one is left behind. Regardless of how specialized your training needs are, Get Real and its partners can bring the right VR training solution to you.