Get Real Empowers 1MillionStartups to Inspire Sustainable Development Goals in the Metaverse


At Get Real XR, we are committed to delivering immersive experiences that captivate audiences and drive meaningful impact. On Tuesday June 6th, we had the privilege of working with 1MillionStartups to host The SDG Road Metaverse, a groundbreaking  one-day conference with the goal of highlighting over 30 innovative startups and entrepreneurial solutions for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) established by the United Nations in 2015. The conference was hosted on Spatial, and combined Get Real’s expertise in creative design and strategic execution with the entrepreneurial spirit of the 1MillionStartups team to create a dynamic environment that engaged over 160  invitees – showcasing their commitment to sustainable development.

The Challenge:

1 Million Startups, a renowned organization dedicated to supporting and empowering budding entrepreneurs, sought to create an event that would highlight the work of entrepreneurs in meeting the 17 SDG’s established by the United Nations. Their team wanted a solution that would overcome the distance of a remote audience by engaging them in a customized virtual world that delivered an immersive and interactive experience that aligned with the overall mission of 1MillionStartups.

Our Solution:

Get Real XR worked with the 1MillionStartups team in the Spatial platform to create a virtual  central hub space, alongside 10 individual themed breakout rooms corresponding to different SDG’s. In addition to the initial design planning of the conference environment, the Get Real team worked with 1MillionStartups to deliver several other key elements to the experience, including: 

  • Codeless Customization: With our technical expertise, we provided a series of codeless customization options which enabled easy iterations between the two teams to properly highlight the presentation assets of each startup company.
  • Strategic Consulting: Get Real collaborated closely with 1MillionStartups to optimize a user experience for all attendees, including ease of movement, a 50 guest panel session, and an open networking  session with SDG – focused PE firms.  
  • Technical Support: Get Real provided technical support throughout the planning, execution, and post-event stages – including pre-event training sessions for panelists and strengthening the platform knowledge of the 1MillionStartups team.

Ongoing Results and Impact:

With the help of Get Real, and the successful staging and completion of The SDG Road Metaverse, 1MillionStartups achieved the following key outcomes:

    • Highlighted the truly impacting work of over 30 startups in addressing the challenges associated with the 17 SDG’s established by the United Nations.
    • Provided true global reach and accessibility by enabling participation from individuals worldwide by leveraging innovative metaverse technology.
    • Delivered this accessibility in a environmentally responsible fashion in line with the message of SDG’s # 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and #13 (Climate Action) 
    • Engaged the audience through panels, networking opportunities and individual interactions that contribute to a more sustainable future.
    • Launched a visually stunning and interactive Metaverse environment that sparked creativity, collaboration, and engagement amongst its visitors.
    • Inspired future collaboration and events as the 1MillionStartups environment continues to be reused, repurposed and expanded upon as technology evolves to create richer more immersive experiences. 

If you’re an organization, business, or brand that is interested in leveraging the power of immersive and gamified environments to showcase your work, Get Real is uniquely qualified to be your partner to create, plan and execute your strategy. We combine our product and platform knowledge with an unmatched track record of managing dozens of world-class client experiences, just like “1MillionStartups.” Click here to schedule your free initial consultation with the Get Real team to get started in creating compelling and memorable experiences for your clients and colleagues!