Return To The Office Safely

Get Real makes Virtual Real Estate possible for you at a fraction of the cost of physical space. From creating a simple meeting room to building an entire office campus, Get Real allows you and your entire team to be next to each other from anywhere the world.

Safely gather your team and clients in a virtual office, complete with white boards, collaboration tools, break-out rooms, and even custom architecture.

With a virtual office, you can:
  • host engaging town-hall meetings for remote teams
  • provide engaging stand-up space
  • create team break rooms
  • host team building experiences
Let Get Real make your company thrive as a flexible and fully digital workplace. It's how the future of work will be.


Scale of AR/VR Experience(Required)

A Real, Virtual Office

If you’re a part of a remotely distributed team that thrives on staying connected with one another and with your clients, Get Real can help. Team rooms, stand-up space, town-hall meetings, even water cooler discussions are all possible. Take advantage of the productivity gains, economic savings and environmental benefits from reduced business travel and lower real estate costs that a Virtual Office makes possible. With an infinite amount of space, you can work much more effectively than normal. Rooms can be dedicated to specific work projects. Whiteboards can be erased or left up permanently. Improvements in collaboration from VR/AR will boost team morale, increase productivity and creativity, and strengthen employee engagement and retention rates.

Engaging Client Meetings

If you require regular contact with your clients in a more meaningful way than travel budgets, video conferencing and telephone calls allow, Get Real can help. VR/AR tools let you sit across the table from clients despite being thousands of miles away. Have more productive conversations and stronger client ties than phone or video conference calls could ever allow. See client engagement go up as travel budgets go down. Reduce time spent traveling and increase quality of life for your team, while everyone benefits from the cost savings stemming from VR/AR solutions provided by Get Real.

Return to the office safely and learn more about how a virtual office can help your team's productivity