Tech Tuesday: Chipotle Enters the Metaverse

On this episode of Tech Tuesday, Get Real Marketing Specialist Becca Zarchy highlights Chipotles recent entrance into the Metaverse.

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The Metaverse just got a whole lot tastier! Chipotle has now entered the Metaverse in a fun and unique way. They’ve created their first Metaverse location in Roblox and to make it even better, they’re hiring. The Mexican food chain has announced a Chipotle Burrito Builder experience that will let metaverse users roll their own burritos in exchange for burrito bucks. The virtual bucks can then be used in exchange for an entrée code that can be used towards a purchase on the Chipotle website or app. This is an amazing way of combining the gamification that Metaverse technologies provide while still giving users a real world benefit. Let us know in the comments how many burritos you can build in Chipotle’s Roblox Metaverse experience! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe to Get Real on YouTube!