Tech Tuesday: Facebook Shifting Focus to Metaverse?

Is Facebook shifting their focus to the metaverse? Watch as sales and marketing intern Becca Zarchy breaks down Facebooks speculated name change on this weeks episode of Tech Tuesday.

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Hello and welcome back for another Tech Tuesday my name is Becca Zarchy and I am a sales and marketing intern here at get real and today we are going to talk about Facebook either love it or you hate it but Facebook is continuously under scrutiny for their business practices and this week was no different they received a lot of backlash more specifically on their lack of security for user data it’s an issue that they face almost continuously although instead of addressing these criticism Facebook decided to announce it they are planning to change their name Facebook will no longer be Facebook the new name is gonna be changed to focus on the metaverse and if you’re not sure what metaverse is check out our get real that we had with Michael Potts on YouTube to learn more about all things metaverse so in addition to the social media platform Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp which is a texting platform so the name change could be to secure all three of these platforms under one umbrella brand which is similar to what google does they have a parent company called alphabet the house is all of their platforms as well also the rebranding could be to be part of an effort to overhaul the bad press that Facebook’s been recently facing um it’s it’s important especially today that the data is secure and they need to overhaul the bad press the platform right now is primarily being used to spread hatred and false information and that’s really different from its original use case which was student-based communication so they really need a dramatic change to realign the company to focus on their original intentions so what does this mean for you first thing metaverses are here they’re here to stay and they’re going to become more common for everyday citizens it’s not just going to be for business practices immersive technology isn’t going anywhere it’s becoming more successful accessible and it’s something that everyone needs to be aware of and using and then lastly social media is evolving it’s becoming a more immersive experience um social platforms are going to be focusing on virtual reality augmented reality there might even be platforms that are strictly in VR headsets that are for social media um so it’s really going to change and everyone needs to be ready to accept these changes and become more aware that it’s not going to be what it used to be but it’s for the best so let us know what your guesses are for Facebook’s new name in the comments and maybe the winner will get a shout out we’ll see but thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time for Tech Tuesday.