Tech Tuesday: Facebook Smart Glasses

On this weeks episode of Tech Tuesday, Get Real co-founder Ed Haravon talks about Facebook smart glasses and how they may be pivotal to the development of a metaverse.

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Hey this is Ed Haravon from Get Real talking to you on another Tech Tuesday today we’re going to be talking about the recent announcement from Facebook regarding their smart glasses release now exactly what was that announcement Facebook announced that their next release would be smart glasses from ray-ban in partnership with Essilor Luxottica which they had announced previously so why is this a significant announcement for Facebook well first of all it’s a long-awaited entry into the marketplace based on their project aria research group that they announced a year ago next AR glasses are believed to be the next killer application for businesses going forward with the ability to take digital maps of the world and overlay them onto the physical world the timing’s not specific on the announcement but some will believe it’d be late 2021 but there’s no firm date set for the company as to when this product is going to release and almost as significant as the timing of the Facebook smart glasses is that Facebook announced that this will be the next product release for them so all of you looking for oculus 3 oculus quest 3 releases will be waiting until after this Facebook smart glass release to occur now the details for Facebook smart glasses are still being worked on it’s not expected that there will be a true augmented reality glass insofar as data being overlaid onto the physical world we know that the form factor will resemble everyday sunglasses similar to ray-bans although we don’t know what model will be but something that looks similar to these we know it’s going to work in conjunction with smartphones will be the power behind these glasses and we know it’s going to leverage audio similar to other products on the market like Amazon’s echo frames or Bose frames so what’s this mean for the future this is the first step towards a full augmented reality glass that has overlay of data and leverages the merging the physical and digital world commonly referred to as the metaverse it’s the next step that major tech companies are taking to understand and even own the eyeballs of the consumer certainly rumored in the marketplace is the big player apple which is rumored to have an augmented reality glass on the market in the next 12 to 24 months but what are these glasses you’re going to be able to do for us well practically speaking they’ll help us locate places find lost objects communicate and be present with others but it really will lead to some amazing advancements in retail marketing and of course ways for advertisers to reach consumers down the line imagine walking the street and see being able to see the data from every restaurant on that street wait times yelp reviews menus while same with simultaneously flipping to another view that allow you to see the historical significance of each of the buildings that you’re walking on the street that you see imagine being on a beach and being able to have one touch onto your glass and be able to conduct a meeting with your entire team from your home office or be able to bring up five different display screens with weather sports markets news all within fingertips all right from an AR glass imagine walking into a room at a conference hundreds of people and immediately knowing everyone’s first name or being able to see their Facebook profile or their LinkedIn profile not because they’ve allowed you to but because of facial recognition technology built into the AR glasses while the advances in AR glasses have the potential to transform our lives the same way that mobile smartphones did in previous generations they also rage many broad-ranging unresolved ethical questions that deal with data privacy security and just how comfortable the general public is with wearing a device that has cameras trained both on the user and at the outside world simultaneously whatever the ultimate outcome is Facebook smart glass release here shortly will give us a glimpse into what that future holds upon the release thanks again for listening and tune in again to get real for more Tech Tuesdays.