Tech Tuesday: Metaverse Weddings

On this weeks episode of Tech Tuesday, Marketing Specialist Becca Zarchy covers the wedding plans for Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy. A couple from Tamil Nadu that has decided to have a virtual reception given current in-person restrictions.

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Will you marry me in the Metaverse? You may be laughing, but metaverse weddings are happening across the globe. According to a CNN article updated on January 24th, India’s first Metaverse wedding is being planned. A couple from Tamil Nadu have invited two thousand people to their wedding. The problem? Wedding gatherings are currently limited to a hundred guests. The couple are self-described Potterhead’s meaning super fans of the book series harry potter. So the virtual space will be inspired by Hogwarts. The legal wedding ceremony will still take place in front of a small group of friends and family but once the ceremony is over, the couple will join their Metaverse reception. The perks of a Metaverse wedding? You can invite guests who previously wouldn’t be able to attend a physical reception due to travel restrictions, health issues, and so many more reasons. Additionally you can have avatars that resemble friends and family who have already passed to feel as though they are celebrating with you. So what do you think? Are metaverse weddings a trend or are they here to stay? Let us know your dream metaverse location in the comments! Thanks for watching!