Tech Tuesday: Should Facebook Lead the Metaverse?

On this weeks episode of Tech Tuesday, sales and marketing intern Becca Zarchy discusses the ethical issues regarding Facebook’s entrance into the metaverse.

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Hello and welcome back to the Get Real YouTube page. My name’s Becca, I’m a sales and marketing intern and we’re talking about Facebook again. As we all know, Facebook has rebranded their parent company are now called Meta with a focus on being the leader of the metaverse race, but are Meta and Mark Zuckerberg the best people in digital platform to be leading this race. Multiple whistleblowers have raised many concerns including online harassment child safety issues and even threats to democracy on the platform. In addition, we know that Facebook does not really protect users data and privacy and if we can’t trust the digital media giant on a social platform how are we supposed to trust them with the increasing information virtual reality provides. However, Facebook isn’t the only company racing towards the metaverse. Microsoft announced that they will be integrating a metaverse into their Microsoft teams platform and let’s not forget that the biggest tech firm, Apple, hasn’t even mentioned their involvement in the virtual reality and metaverse race. So who do you think should be leading the metaverse race and who do you think is winning right now? Let us know in the comments and if you like what you see, make sure to like this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you next time!