It has been proven in study after study that training in VR for technical skills not only can be done more safely and more economically than training in the real world, but also with dramatically improved knowledge retention and employee engagement.

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Impact of VR on Training

Intel trainees who asked for more VR courses
Rate Boeing was able to cut training time
Retention rate of VR training
Error rate reported by Boeing
Inspection time saved at Airbus
  • Intel also recognizes the potential of VR for enterprises. In one of its projects dubbed “Corporate Training with Virtual Reality,” the tech giant found that 94% of trainees asked for more VR-based courses to be availed. Besides, the company projected that the 5-year ROI of a single VR-based course could reach 300%.


  • Furthermore, Boeing is a prime example of how heavy industry can implement VR in training. The global giant cut training time by 75% by implementing VR technology.

    LightReading, 2017 

  • VR training has a retention rate of 75%, beating out lectures (5%), reading (10%), and audio-visual learning (20%)

    FrontCore, 2020

  • Boeing technicians work with AR instructions for airplane wiring schematics in their field of view, allowing the technician to be hands-free. This cuts wiring production time by 25% and reduced error rates to zero. 

    CapGemini, 2020

  • VR is used at Airbus to integrate digital mock-ups into production environments, giving assembly workers access to complete 3D models of the aircraft under production, reducing time required to inspect by 86%.

    CapGemini, 2020

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