Welcoming Immerse to the Get Real Partner Alliance!

We are thrilled to announce today that Immerse has officially joined our Get Real Partner Alliance.

The Immerse platform empowers virtual reality creators to import and/or create their own enterprise-ready content, provision users, schedule training sessions and access robust analytical data. From idea creation through full deployment of content, the Immerse platform is the foundation of enterprise VR. The platform encourages flexibility by providing the tools and architecture to create and deliver experiences across the employee journey, including a publicly available SDK. Users are able to create new content or use existing Unity-based XR content with peace of mind through scalability with enterprise grade security. 

The Immerse content library holds a variety of learning modules. Users can create content, import existing content, buy off-the-shelf training content or utilize the knowledge of the Immerse content creators to build customer development services.

Get Real works closely with clients to determine the best path to successful VR training adoption.  Our process includes:

  • Identifying optimal use cases for VR training based on client needs
  • Designing and developing  proof-of-concept and pilot programs
  • Evaluating  VR training content based on client requirements
  • Evaluating optimal VR hardware platforms to enable scaling across organizations
  • Onboarding  to ensure that team members are ready to be productive in their VR training. 
  • Calculating ROI of VR Training and presenting the case for successful expansion throughout an organization.

Immerse will expand the GRPA’s best in class training offerings while adding unique qualities that fit perfectly with our other fantastic partners – bringing a passion for VR that is pulsing through the growing group. 

Are you a business or organization interested in learning how VR can drastically improve your current training methodology? Or are you a VR product company that wants to learn more about what the GRPA has to offer? Contact us at info@getrealxr.com or book a meeting to take the first step in exploring how Get Real can help.