Welcoming Spatial to the Get Real Partner Alliance!

Get Real is honored to welcome Spatial as the newest member of our Get Real Partner Alliance. Spatial has long been one of the leading companies in immersive technology, and its team has set the bar for how technology can enable greater collaboration and engagement amongst a vibrant user community.

Spatial is the Metaverse for events, experiences, exhibitions and culture. Get Real is uniquely positioned to help plan and support your events in Spatial such as NFT exhibits, brand experiences, product launches, corporate events, conferences, and more.

Brand strategists, marketing/sales executives, art agencies, and corporate event planners can now work with Get Real to fully realize the potential of hosting their event in Spatial. Get Real works with clients to assess their event’s goals, and help them plan and execute the requirements for successful event programming, onboarding, training, and support to ensure that the audience can focus on the experience, and not on the technology.  

Hosting events in the Metaverse requires more than just replicating the elements of a traditional in-person event. The power of the Spatial platform to engage your audience, combined with Get Real’s expertise and experience will ensure that your event fosters a sense of imagination and possibility for your audience.

Are you an agency or a professional in charge of brand experiences or other creative content? Are you interested in learning how the Spatial Metaverse can differentiate your work and engage your audience? Are you an XR product company that wants to learn more about what the GRPA has to offer? Contact us at info@getrealxr.com or book a meeting to take the first step in exploring how Get Real can help.