Welcoming The Wild to the Get Real Partner Alliance!

Get Real is excited to announce today that The Wild has officially joined our Get Real Partner Alliance. Through its flagship product The Wild, and its recently acquired Prospect by IrisVR, The Wild is bridging the gap between ideas and experiences, as it now boasts two industry leading platforms that foster immersive collaboration, enabling architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC)teams to share their work via virtual and augmented reality spaces. 

Get Real is excited to work with The Wild as a best-in-class GRPA resource for our own clients in the creative design and AEC industries. We are also looking forward to working with The Wild to support their client efforts through Get Real’s customized Spatial Computing Experiences & Expertise Development (SEED) packages, with the goal of educating users on the potential of Virtual Reality and helping them plan a successful VR program. 

The Wild team’s passion and devotion to revolutionizing spatial design collaboration tools within the XR space perfectly aligns with our commitments at Get Real. We are thrilled to be working with them and we look forward to delivering their products and solutions to our clients. 

Are you a business or organization interested in learning how VR can drastically improve your current collaboration methodology? Or are you a VR product company that wants to learn more about what the GRPA has to offer? Contact us at info@getrealxr.com or book a meeting to take the first step in exploring how Get Real can help.