Apple Vision Pro Musings (Part 10)

Predictions about the impact of the Apple Vision Pro.

Any (or all!) of these could be wrong, but let’s start with ones which are fairly likely in my view and end with a couple that, while perhaps improbable, still have a very real chance of coming true:

Prediction #1: Long lines! People will sleep out overnight all across the country and hang out in surprisingly long lines in order to buy the Vision Pro on the first day of its release.

Prediction #2: Apple will put forth a favorable plan to upgrade one’s Vision Pro to subsequent editions in order to make it easier to stomach the $3499 price tag.

Prediction #3: By 2027 those with corrective eye glasses will no longer need to get lenses for the Vision Pro, because there will be automatic refraction capability built in, allowing a single Vision Pro to adjust to any user’s eyes nearly instantly.

Prediction #4: After years of seeing declining sales across its line of headsets, Meta will sell to Apple the vast majority of its intellectual property and patents before the year 2030.

Prediction #5: Within three years, studies will have commenced to assess whether the Vision Pro‘s widespread use has fundamentally changed our brain chemistry because of the radically different ways in which we are visually interacting with information, prompting concern and protests that the Vision Pro should not be used by children under 12 years of age.

Well, that’s it from here — hope you have enjoyed these last couple weeks. For more news on the Apple Vision Pro as it breaks check back here for our takes on the news and its impact.


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